Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 trends in pharma branding I see in my crystal ball

Here’s a list of the top three trends I think will impact the industry in the next year to five years.

1. Branding goes mobile: Smart phones, electronic prescribing and medical records, and CME on-demand deliver highly personalized and relevant information when and where the healthcare professional needs it.

2. Patient-generated content grows: Social networks move beyond friends and entertainment of today (MySpace, Facebook, Eons, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, etc.). Formal and informal patient group sites challenge “controlled” pharma information as users create, post, widget, tweet, download, and rate whatever they want.

3. The brand is the experience and marketing is a service: The rep was once the only “face” of the brand. Now, online initiatives, patient events, and trial programs are more appreciated. They become the start of customer conversations. And those marketers who best support their customers, providing value at every touchpoint, are the most successful.

These will be included in the Year in Preview issue of PharmaVoice magazine.

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