Sunday, December 07, 2008

3 challenges to expanding beyond traditional borders: a view from our partner in Istanbul

When I was asked by PharmaVoice magazine to provide a preview of 2009 issues facing medical brand marketers, I invited our partner in Istanbul to comment, too.

Specifically, editor Taren Grom asked “As the life-sciences world continues to expand beyond traditional borders, all stakeholders will need to adopt processes to do business differently. What are the biggest challenges to working in a global environment?”

Here’s the viewpoint of Leyla Feyzioglu, president of Rekmar Brand Innovation, Istanbul, Turkey:

There are three key challenges for all involved including:
1. Global vision: Crafting powerful marketing programs with strong messages and customer insight, which will be useful in driving brand development and growth in each of your key markets – without getting diluted by local execution.

2. Local adaptation: Executing the global brand vision to a local market without losing the essence of the brand and hitting the local objectives consistently is critical to global success.

3. Global teamwork: You cannot accomplish the above without identifying win-win processes and solutions for all stakeholders in a global project.

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