Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 questions to imagine new directions for pharma brands in the digital marketplace

As we look ahead to 2009, emerging tools and media are changing how marketing messages are delivered and to whom. Physicians, while still a target audience, are being joined by patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders.

So, PharmVoice asked what I saw as some best practices for marketing success in this new dynamic.

I replied using our ForwardFast® branding model:

First, consider the opportunities for managing brands in a digital marketplace: rediscover the potential of underpromoted brands, reinvigorate and grow products, rethink in-licensed products, retool for new indications, reallocate marketing resources, and reconsider new channels.

Then, you can imagine new directions, analyzing what works and asking six main questions to determine adjustments:

1. What elements of the brand are likeable? And how are they translated or adapted to digital media?

2. Can the name, logo, symbol, font, and design appeal be sustained online?

3. Are the quality attributes simple and easy to understand? (If you think it's hard to get your message in a 1-page ad or 30-second commercial, try a 13-word Google ad.)

4. What is the brand associated with, and if it’s right, could it be strengthened?

5. How is the attitude of campaign copy, delivery system, or package design communicated in virtual worlds?

6. Does the quality of the experience of buying, using, and servicing match your brand – and can it be elevated for your advantage in digital marketing?

These concepts are also reviewed in my just-published book entitled "FORWARDFAST: THE 6-STEP MODEL TO ACCELERATE YOUR HEALTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY BRAND." You can read about it, and even download a free preview chapter, at

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