Monday, August 06, 2007

Welcome to the home of the world’s largest soap box

Blogs, podcasts, and social networks sites such as Facebook and MySpace are all considered new media. One of the key differences between new media and old media is who’s writing the copy. But as with any medium, surely there is a way to make it work for your company.

I have been considering the marketing possibilities of new media for some time now.

When using one of our tools, the Evangelist Effect®, new media ties right in. The idea is to create brand evangelists, who will then go out and through word-of-mouth, endorse your product, company, or idea. New media just happens to act as a really great soap box.

Blogs as a democratic vehicle for change.
Podcasts as a way for amateur DJs to spin their own perspectives.
Online social networks to bring like-minded people into a virtual community.
The possibilities of new media are many and varied.

Check out Paul Gillin’s book about the influential power of blogs called The New Influencers. And drop me a line to tell me about the most influential blog you read.

And to see one creative use of new media, see a GlaxoSmithKline unbranded, sponsored video here.

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