Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A coffee innovation not coming from Starbucks.

Indeed, all of the innovation in the coffee world is not coming from the big green mermaid. In a world where coffee is king and being on the go is queen, Cuppy’s Coffee has made a stand to maintain the royal relationship.

Offering gourmet coffee with an emphasis on drive-thru is their thing. Their goal is to offer coffee and espresso based beverages to drive thru customers in less than 60 seconds! And they are differentiating themselves from their chief competition in other ways as well. Most notably, their stores are all franchise owned.

Both Cuppy’s and Starbucks emphasize the user experience. Yet each has a unique take on what their users want and expect. Cuppy’s, the underdog, has setup their own experience to be in direct competition with what they consider to be the weak link in Starbucks’ armor – their speed.

Well, if I can’t get a latte in under a minute, I’m not really living in America, am I?


Patrick said...

I'll keep my Starbucks stock (for now). Now it's a game about volume.

melanie said...

we should get our Lincoln/School Starbucks baristas to take part in a Stinson Brand Innovation (and neighborhood business) sponsored competition...which barista can make the best 2 splenda latte the fastest...