Friday, August 31, 2007

Targeting ads at web user habits

I’ve written many times in this blog about the concept of whispering in the right ear rather than shouting across a room. The fact of the matter is that the more specifically you identify your audience, the more you can focus your communication to resonate with that audience.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that web user habits are one of the latest tools companies are using to place ads. By knowing what sites potential customers are likely to visit, companies can make much more efficient advertising placement decisions.

But that is only part of the potential.

By applying one of our tools called Persona®, a company can put a face to their customers. They can drill down to the nuts and bolts of the customer. But beyond that, Persona® seeks to take that information and focus the entire branding effort.

We gather stories, quotes, and anecdotes from customers that pertain to their environment and behaviors. Then, we can uncover their attitudes, brand usage habits, and goals. When a persona is given a name, a photo, and some individualized details, then the heretofore hypothetical constructs easily spring to life. Not only can it hasten the innovation process, a persona can also help align goals, improve decision-making, and focus a team's overall communication.

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