Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Look at me! I’m on Myspace

Everyone is doing it, and Myspace has become more than just a social network.

Now it is as much a media vehicle as it is a place for virtual friends to share photos and comments. Actors, bands, cities, television shows, and entire ad campaigns are creating Myspace profiles in order to make connections with the 20-30 crowd.

But with MySpace, it is very hard to be specific. There is potential to find a home and even make “friends” with your consumer base. Yet the chance someone else is going to use the same user name as you is very high, and this is a problem because of the less than specific search engine within MySpace. You have a high probability of getting lost in the crowd.

It takes a lot to stand out on a site like this, and unless you can leverage our MySpace into some creative buzz, it is a difficult tool to make worth your while.

An interesting use of MySpace, however, is as a portal to other websites. Take a look at the got milk? campaign’s creative and interactive site: The Supreme One (which leads elsewhere, of course)

What do you think about MySpace marketing? Good idea? Bad idea? What are the possibilities of this new tool? Leave a comment to lend your opinion to the debate.

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