Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Memories of a distant past - and a promising future

In 1981, as a young up-and-coming copywriter in the ad world, I remember wanting desperately to be a part of Pat Fallon’s new firm. It was the hottest thing in advertising at the time, and I wanted to be with them in Minneapolis.

I recall vividly showing up in the lobby of Fallon, McElligott, and Rice - without an appointment - with my humble portfolio and big creative dreams. I didn’t get a job there, but held on to the dreams as I landed elsewhere.

So, as I read the article in the August 2 issue of the Wall Street Journal about Fallon Worldwide getting new management help from the parent company, I thought about all the stories between the lines (see “Publicis Plots Turnaround Plan for Fallon”, by Aaron O. Patrick). In 1981, this agency was on the cutting edge. But over the years, they lost their fire.

Imagine 25 years from now, the young-at-heart admen and women recalling the time when they first interviewed with Stinson Brand Innovation. I long to sustain to the hunger, drive, and passion of the brand consultancy that never forgot where it came from.

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