Monday, August 13, 2007

Nothing says fitness like a dumbbell

The dumbbell shape is probably the most iconic non-verbal representation of fitness out there. So when trying to sell vitamin-enhanced, flavored water in a saturated marketplace, Pumped Fitness water used that symbol in the design of its bottle.

By doing so, this water gains an immediate ASSOCIATION with the concept of fitness. Not only that, but the bottle has a unique look and stands out against the size and shape of the competition’s.

This comes back to the basic category of content versus packaging. Vitamin-enhanced, flavored water is all over the place, and one is like the other. So the consumers are going to look at two things: the brand and the shape.

They are going to try to recognize a brand they are familiar with. Even if the brand they know is not known for being connected to fitness waters, they are more likely to trust someone they know.

But the thing that is more likely to catch their eye is the packaging. The shape of the bottle has become the new catchy packaging for all waters, not just the fitness-related waters.

Check out Hat Trick Beverage's homepage here.

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