Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I’m lovin’ the branding

A recent paper by Dr. Thomas Robinson of the Stanford University School of Medicine has shown that children say food tasted better when it came out of a McDonald’s wrapper when compared to the same food in an unbranded wrapper.

It is no shock that McDonald’s, an American icon of fast food, is recognizable to kids. But this study shows the power of branded packaging: I’m lovin’ it.

Read for yourself here…

And here…

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Patrick said...

I'm lovin' it is so big. Someone at Burnett hit a chord. A big, big chord. The brillance is how they expanded it.

I would bet if you did the "test" with other fast food brands the same results (or at least similar trends) would happen... at any rate... it's about da, dat, datt, da, da, with the globe... making a global message resonate at the local level... and selling more burgers than their competitors combined.

I'm lovin' global ideas.