Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Total Sleep eMerges onto the eMarketplace with Stinson Brand

Total Sleep, a sleep diagnostics company, has been examining the important implications of Web2.0 for their sleep diagnostics business. It seemed only natural that as they continue to open sleep labs across the country they offer the products they’re prescribing online, on their own eCommerce site.

Stinson Brand Innovation has been engaged to develop an eCommerce site that will not only streamline internal processes, but also offer customers an online shopping experience. We will offer superior design, intuitive shopping, service-driven transactions, insurance integration and claims management, and flexible shipping and returns.

William Guidetti, CEO, says, “This is a significant opportunity for us to expand our services to more customers, via our web portal for CPAP. eCommerce is based on reliable business principles, that we’re applying with incredible technology that allows us to meet the growing demands and expectations of educated consumers.”

Total Sleep will continue to enhance its organic and paid search engine presence to prepare for the eCommerce launch that they expect will draw thousands of users in the first year.

Read more in the current issue of ACCELERATE about how Stinson is using technology to help clients gain a brand innovation edge.

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