Thursday, December 23, 2010

6 issues form the changing landscape of Pharma: 2011 industry report from PwC

A new paper from PwC, entitled “Top Health Industry Issues of 2011,” foretells of change in the coming year due to health reform and other issues that are keeping the industry on its toes.
“The new health reform law will prompt most organizations to do strategy makeovers  as they react to and prepare for new rules and payment models in 2011,” says the opening line of the PwC report. “Industry changes wrought by health reform are far from over. In fact, they’ve only just begun.”
For this Top Industry Health Issues report, PwC’s Health Research Institute asked consumers their point of view on several issues related to reform. Of those surveyed, 50 percent said they would stay within an ACO-like organization for all of their care, and nearly three-fourths said they would trade employer-sponsored insurance for higher pay. Less than half of consumers know what a health insurance exchange is, and 86 percent do not access their medical records electronically.
Also of note is the fact that more than one-third of consumers said that costs and waiting times would increase as a result of healthcare mergers. The survey also found that consumers seek health information from media companies more than from government, healthcare companies, and consumer companies combined.
These 6 issues form the changing landscape of Pharma over the next few years, according to the PwC report:
  1. Booming business in health information technology
  2. Gearing up to redefine health insurance: From MLRs to insurance exchanges
  3. ACOs: Is this the next big thing or not?
  4. Nowhere else to cost shift: Consumers could continue to reduce utilization
  5. M&A: Deals will bond the familiar and unfamiliar as organizations look to fill strategic gaps
  6. Follow-me healthcare: Patients look to health organizations that are always on
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