Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carter Center making great strides in health initiatives

A couple of weeks ago, Susie Hubbard from The Carter Center stopped by our office.  She presented us with an honorary medallion from the Carter Presidential Library re-opening.

And she shared Mrs. Carter’s latest book on mental health issues.

Stinson Brand Innovation is a member of the Ambassador Circle at The Carter Center.

During her visit, Susie updated us on the progress that The Carter Center has been making over the past few months.  The Carter Center has been making great strides all over the world.  One member of the Center’s Mental Health program recently had an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association about improving the health care of persons with mental illnesses.  President Carter himself has been working to not only strengthen the ties between the US and China, but he has also made it his personal goal to eradicate instances of Guinea worms, which have currently been contained to Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, and Sudan.

We’re looking forward to hearing from Susie and working with The Carter Center in the future.  For more information, visit

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