Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Change Agent" Kenichi Ohmae on cyberleadership in generating and implementing new ideas

When clients of Stinson Brand Innovation need to help their teams navigate change, we recommend our motivational offering called Change Agent®.

With Change Agent®, we focus on:

  1. Relevance – defining the need or reason for change with communications strategies
  2. Risks – delineating the potential consequences of change and preparing for what’s next
  3. Roadblocks – overcoming obstacles to change using specific messages and measurable tools
  4. Reward – training to embrace and execute their specific change event responsibilities, even helping prepare for new change opportunities

So, I appreciated this video from Kenichi Ohmae, widely known as “Mr. Strategy.”  He is one of the world´s most highly regarded management gurus. Here he discusses the emergence and development of what he terms “cyberleadership,” which he perceives as critical to the generation and implementation of new ideas.

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