Friday, December 17, 2010

Twelpforce: what changing the customer's brand experience tweets like

Best Buy's Twelpforce launched an army of Best Buy tech pros to address consumer problems and inquiries via Twitter (directed to @twelpforce).

It changed the client's business and reimagined the customer-service experience. The phrase that came up with this piece was that it was a 'business-changing idea." Not only is it game-changing, but it changes the business of the client. It is useful, usable and delightful. This piece hit all those points, especially the last -- it put delight back into customer service.

It's a big idea that can move the industry forward with how we tie into physical space, retail, channels, associates and service. The simplicity of the idea also contributed to its brilliance.
It understood the basic core functionality of Twitter in a way that was really organic and authentic.

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