Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1st to use iPad for convention market research, STINSON clients gain innovation edge through technology

My team here at Stinson Brand Innovation worked with Zerion Software, developer of the exZact data collection platform, as one of the first to deploy the iPad data collection solution. Stinson and our clients were first to use the iPad and its exZact Pro application for health science market research.

We had heard the Apple iPad’s new look, screen size, and enhanced features being described as “magical and revolutionary,” so we immediately planned to leverage the iPad with its ease of use, affordability, and large screen – combined with exZact – for our plans to conduct surveys.

The week the iPad was introduced, we debuted it at a specialty medical conference and have since used it at a large physician congress and a targeted patient convention.

For us, the question was not whether our clients should pursue this mobile option, but how soon could we get our work onto one.

Sze Wong, president of Zerion Software, adds, “With the great form factor of the iPad, combined with the flexibility of the exZact platform, our clients in all industries including medical and market research, will see measurable benefits, and achieve greater job performance.”

The Stinson team used the iPad to survey healthcare professionals about their diagnosis and treatment using current therapies, plus their interest in a new medical device. Using the exZact Pro application allowed for efficient data collection, recording of audio verbatims, and nearly instant reporting.

We have additional plans to use the iPad and other applications with physicians, lab directors, clinical trial investigators, as well as field sales representatives and clinical liaisons.

Read more in the current issue of ACCELERATE about how Stinson is using technology to help clients gain a brand innovation edge.

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