Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stinson Brand Innovation helps EMD BIOSCIENCES leverage web tools to search, cite, post, and promote its enhanced citation database

We have been partnering with the EMD Biosciences product management and science teams to search and document scientific research citations of the Top 100 products of their Calbiochem and Novagen product lines.

After finding thousands of citations in journals such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Science, and, Cell, we are extending our partnership to the eStrategy team. Together, we will implement a robust search feature that will support customers and sales representatives in finding relevant papers associated with products they are using, or are interested in using in their research.

This new support tool will categorize the citations by product, product number, or key word for quick and easy reference. And, with thanks from our Top 10 Journals, we will be able to provide direct links to the paper and/or abstract.

It is our hope that the customer service we expertly provide to our customers will be replicated online. So, customers can access the right, most up-to-date research and product information on demand.

Read more in the current issue of ACCELERATE about how Stinson is using technology to help clients gain a brand innovation edge.

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