Monday, January 19, 2009

5 Months to Revamp an Icon

Talk about Forward. Fast.

Top Pepsi executives Indra Nooyi and Massimo d’Amore called for a “quantum leap” forward in transforming the soft-drink category to define Pepsi as a cultural leader. The new logo -- which took only 5 months to recreate -- has been released, with the whole campaign rolling out.

The Pepsi logo has been modified a total of 11 times in its 110-year history. This one was meant to change the classic Pepsi look to one that’s more “humorous, youthful, and with a bit more personality” by featuring a series of smiles across the white band in the middle of the Pepsi circle. Diet Pepsi will feature a grin and Pepsi Max will have a laugh -- a clever way to link together a family of brands.

Branding experts have differing opinions on whether the logo change is a good thing for the brand. Will the change be accepted, given that it is projecting a different image than its recognizable classic logo, or is this exactly what the brand needs? Pepsi has been known as the drink of the new generation...and the new generation is always changing.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, so feel free to post a comment on the Pepsi change.


Katie Konrath said...

It seems like a lot of effort and expense for something that isn't too much different from the last Pepsi logo.

I doubt the general public, especially younger people, will pay much attention to the switch. We're surrounded by so much brand messaging already that it won't stand out.

And as for the different "grins" for each type of Pepsi... that's not something I'd even see unless someone specifically pointed it out to me.

In my opinion, I think it would have made a lot more sense for Pepsi to spend the money on activities or events that demonstrate their "humorous, youthful personality" instead of trying for a new look.

Actions speak much louder than logos to me.

brian cohan said...

I thought it was time for a change, and I know they changed agencies, but if the logo and the lame "WOW" campaign is their best thinking, I do not think they are getting the bang for the buck. I think its basically represents an older demographic's view of what it's perception of what is trendy or appealing to a more youthful audience. C-

advertising talent said...

I feel that this is very similar to their previous logo and it appears more conservative. To me this doesn't attract the younger generation, I would expect something more sleek to truly set Pepsi apart from Coke and other brands.