Friday, January 23, 2009

#11 Lincoln Avenue bus going digital?

Companies are always looking for the next creative way to market their brand. The latest: digital displays on public transportation. Both New York and Stinson Brand Innovation’s very own city of Chicago are currently the “guinea pigs” of this innovative idea. Public transportation in both of these cities is vital for commuters to get around in a somewhat orderly fashion, and advertising revenue helps close the gap of the total budget.

Titan Worldwide, an out-of -home advertising company, has started testing the first digital ads on the sides of buses. STINSON staffers who ride on downtown buses have been noticing these advertisements, which include Oreo, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sleepy’s mattresses and Sony Pictures.

Digital advertisements is just the beginning. Soon, NBC will be seen on the daily commute, along with MSNBC, Bravo, Oxygen and more. TV screens will be installed on trains to display relevant content to inform and entertain commuters.

Research is already being conducted to determine initial reception of the new ad formats. Seeing that the test go well, the Chicago Transit Authority will expect to equip 100 city buses and all 144 rail stations with 1,500 digital displays by next summer.

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melanie said...

does this new source of income mean a decrease in our fares? (considering my monthly pass just went up $11)

on another note, the #11 bus drivers may be the nicest bus drivers in the city. my [20-minute] morning commute is always delightful.

yes, i said 20-minute commute. :)