Thursday, January 01, 2009

1/1/2009 – and no more pens, pads, or mugs!

The New York Times rang in the year with an article on the new voluntary PhRMA guidelines. These guidelines were established so the relationship between the industry and the doctors would be based more on education of the drugs being prescribed, and putting the focus back on the most important element -- the patient.

Starting today, these tchakes will be no longer accepted by doctors.

In the past, doctors have been given branded freebies that ranged from pens and t-shirts to bandages and coffee mugs (not to mention what some viewed as lavish trips and meals). While I never thought the money spent on most of these promos could be construed unduly influencing doctor prescriptions, it’s high time we take on the new challenge to look beyond just branding the ordinary, and to really bring out innovation for the future of pharmaceutical branding.

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