Monday, February 22, 2010

7 principles for living from "The Travelers Gift”

At the end of the year, I offered a list of 8 books whose pages I’m ready to gain from, learn from, and get ideas from.

I’m enjoying the first on my list – The Travelers Gift – a collection of insights for living an unconventional life in a conventional world. In the spirit of Og Mandino, Andy Andrews outlines seven principles for successful living:
  1. The Buck Stops Here - Taking personal responsibility
  2. Seek Wisdom - Search for understanding and discernment
  3. Be a Person of Action - Being a courageous leader 
  4. Have a Decided Heart - Overcoming double-mindedness
  5. Choose Happiness - Possessing a grateful spirit
  6. Forgive others - The power of grace and mercy
  7. Persist - Persevering with faith until the end
The Traveler's Gift is a book of success principles told as a parable, using historical personalities and events.  It may not be especially original (and it's not a book you would read for its literary qualities),  but it does offer powerful lessons from the past to inspire today's reader.

If you liked the Og Mandino collection as much I do, you'll really love this.

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