Tuesday, February 16, 2010

$59 - $74 medical clinic visit

I recently heard about a “positive brand experience” at the Take Care Clinic in Walgreens.  So, I thought you might want to read the Fast Company article about its innovative thinking and operational approach in corporate healthcare – including Disney World.

Click here to read the entire article.

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melanie said...

four days before a huge presentation i got a cold sore! luckily, my friend told me about the Take Care Clinic.

while i don't typically go to the doctor, i was desperate and to everyone's surprise woke up saturday morning and immediately went.

i was BLOWN AWAY by the system and level of SERVICE i received. i walked to the back of the walgreens, and after signing in at the touch screen kiosk i waited only 20 minutes before heading to a private room.

The clinician was so friendly and helpful, courteous and concise. she entered my basic stats into the system (so no matter which walgreens i go to, they'll have access to my information) and prescribed me the "heavy duty" medication that she promised would take care of my cold sore in 2 days.

i paid her, in the room - only $15. walked out the door, picked up my prescription that was WAITING FOR ME! ($10).

i am in love with the Take Care Clinic - it is the perfect solution for someone like me who doesn't have a PCP and who sometimes will just go to the emergency room.

to think of all the savings to me, the hospital systems, the insurance companies...oh man - they are really on to something here....

oh, and my cold sore was healed for my big presentation.