Thursday, February 04, 2010

20 leading Taiwan global brands

At the end of February, I’ll be conducting a branding and sales workshop for Asia-Pacific marketing managers.  So in preparation, I’ve been researching some leading brands in key markets.

The Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands were announced last fall, emphasizing the importance of branding for Taiwan enterprises. The brand valuation and survey were sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). Co-organizers for the survey were BusinessNext magazine and Interbrand.

In the 2009 survey, Acer topped the list with a brand value of NT$40.153 billion (US$1,241 million). Acer enjoyed strong demand for netbooks and its successful strategic brand acquisitions of Gateway in the US and Packard Bell in Europe. Trend Micro, famous for its PC-cillin and antivirus services and solutions, ranked No. 2 with a brand value of NT$39.987 billion (US$1,235 million). Asus, the pioneer and inventor of the Eee PC netbooks, won 3rd place with a brand value of NT$39.689 billion (US$1,235 million), followed by HTC ranking No. 4 (US$1,203 million in brand value) and Master Kong coming in 5th place (US$916 million in brand value).

The total value of the 2009 BusinessWeek and Interbrand’s 100 Best Global Brands dropped 4.6 percent this year in the aftermath of the recent economic downturn. The total value for the Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands in 2009 was US$8.674 billion (NT$280.734 billion). The aggregate value of the top 20 Taiwan Global brands reflects this trend, with a fall of 5.1%.

In spite of the global recession and eroded brand equity, some Taiwan global brands still managed to accumulate brand value. For example, Master Kong, the leading brand in China’s instant noodle and beverage market, still managed to increase its brand value by 19 percent. It grew with booming demand for China’s consumer products with a brand value increasing from NT$24.96 billion (US$793 million) in 2008 to NT$29.647 billion (US$916 million) in 2009. According to an ACNielsen survey (in June 2009), Master Kong was able to keep its leading position — a place that it has held for more than ten years — in the China market with a market share of 41.2 percent by sales volume and 54.1 percent by sales value. Want Want and Maxxis also benefitted from strong demand in China and significantly increased their brand values. The survey determined that the brand values of Want Want and Maxxis were NT$13.635 billion (US$421 million) and NT$11.153 billion (US$345 million), respectively.

In 2009, the total value for the Top Ten Taiwan Global Brands was NT$237.126 billion (US$7,326 million), a 2.8 percent decline from 2008. According to Interbrand, the global brand consultancy conducting the Best Global Brands and the valuations for Top Taiwan Global Brands, the global economic recession resulted in a 4.6 percent drop for the total value of the world’s top 100 brands. Taiwan, which relies heavily on exports, was no exception. Among the Top Taiwan Global Brands, the successful brands were those that focused on the top two consumer markets — the US and China — while expanding in other regional markets. Interbrand noted two successful brand strategies: strategic alliances with the world’s top brands, such as the HTC-Google partnership to develop Android-based handsets, and investment in and development of innovative products, such as ASUS’s Eee-Family Netbooks and Trend Micro’s focus on cloud computing. Those are good examples of focusing on long-term investments and growth.

This year marks the seventh consecutive year of the Top Taiwan Global Brands valuation. The survey covers publicly traded Taiwanese brands that have a presence in the international markets. Adopting the same methodology as BusinessWeek and Interbrand did for the annual valuation of the 100 Best Global Brands, the Top Taiwan Global Brands assesment combined quantitative analysis of corporate financial performance and qualitative analysis of brand roles and strengths.

The 20 leading brands in the 2009 Top Taiwan Global Brands are:
1.      ACER
3.      ASUS
4.      HTC
6.      WANT-WANT
7.      MAXXIS
8.      GIANT
9.      SYNNEX
10.     ZYXEL
13.     D-LINK
15.     JOHNSON
16.     MERIDA
18.     GENIUS
19.     DEPO
20.     MSI

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