Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Characteristics of Brand Naming (at least when it comes to naming a cell phone)

“What’s in a (good) product name?” asks researchers of cell phone brand names. The results reported in Advertising Age found that a clever product name can boost sales while an unpopular name could sink it.

The study says they found the most favored cell phone names belonged to Samsung and LG, while the less-liked were from Motorola and Nokia.

The Chocolate, Shine, Vu, Dare, and Decoy LG came up with were “cognitive metaphors.” Samsung came up with the winners Access, Instinct and Glyde that gave a hint of seduction that may have attracted buyers.

Here are the 5 characteristics of brand naming revealed in the cell phone study:

1. Names Matter
They create a distinct sense of identity and personality and allow an emotional connection with the product.

2. Don’t Lead with a Number
Numbers are cold and impersonal, and placing them first in a name adds an emotional barrier between the consumer and the product.

3. Focus on the 3 Fs
Names that tell something about the product’s form, function or features are more appealing.

4. Leverage Lifestyle
Pick names that make people feel cutting-edge, stylish or sexy.

5. Match the Name to the Market
If you customers aren’t into “edgy,” then round off the corners.

How do you feel these apply to our market of health science and technology brands?

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