Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/18 with The Carter Center -- welcome to Plains, GA

We began our afternoon in the President's hometown at the high school. He shared personal stories of his childhood, marriage to Rosalynn, start in politics. It added a lot more realism to stories I had read in his books “Hour Before Daylight” and “Turning Point.” (And the auditorium looked just like my elementary and high schools.)

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Matty said...

Mark, Great pictures with your blog! For me, seeing those pictures, simply reiterated what an incredibly decent man President Carter is. While it’s become quite typical for former Presidents to make their living giving lectures, high flying or starting foundations, leveraging their favors from office, etc… President Carter, a smart man from a simple place, has spent his post-presidency working to help the little people and encourage democracy. Seeing those pictures of him only served to remind me of that, and made me think about how history will speak of his graciousness in the years to come.