Friday, April 24, 2009

11 Cool, 11 Old-School, & 11 Frivolous Perks

STINSON has been building a creative environment for many years. So, when Entrepreneur magazine published a review of work perks, I was intrigued.

Some of these we already enjoy here at STINSON. Some push the envelope.

Which do you feel are most meaningful perks a creative brand design firm like ours should have?

The Cool Perks:

Employee discount programs
MySpace and Facebook access on the job
Scheduling flexibility
Subsidized or on-site child care
Mentoring and training programs
Time off for volunteer work
Same-sex domestic partner benefits
Policies that let employees bring their child to work in an emergency
Gas Cards

The Old-School Perks:

Free drinks and snacks
Meal per diem
Gym memberships
Mobile phones
Company car
Holiday turkeys
Company t-shirts, stationery, pens, etc.
Holiday parties
Dry cleaning services
Friday happy hours

The Frivolous Perks:

Grants to buy hybrid cars
Reimbursements for adoption-related expenses
Pet health insurance
Paid travel expenses for spouse of employee
On-site personal grooming
Ready-to-go take-home meals
Free computers for employee personal use or loans to purchase them
Insurance coverage for sex-change operations
Free massages
Nap rooms

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