Monday, April 20, 2009

13 Ways Parents Can Help Curb Child Obesity

The best way for parents to make sure kids get their recommended hour or more of moderate intensity exercise a day is to join them.

So says a report in USA Today entitled “Send the kids out to play—and go with them.” The article said that children today are too sedentary, which contributes to child obesity in America.

This was confirmed by our recent N-of-8® research with a community wellness group in Boise, ID. We uncovered a family interest in a healthy lifestyle. The whole family wants to be involved in healthy eating, and activities.

Here are some suggestions the USA Today article gives to become active together, and disguise exercise as fun:

1. skateboarding

2. biking

3. playing tag

4. swimming

5. tennis

6. playground

7. climb a tree

8. play tug-of-war

9. Hopscotch

10. jumping rope

11. gymnastics

12. basketball

13. volleyball

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