Thursday, April 09, 2009

Telemedicine has gained momentum in India, fueled by e-governance initiatives, and more companies offering services online are cropping up.

Our main partner in the market is India Heartbeat which connects the medical community with those seeking healthcare. Promoted by DreamWeavers InfoCom, India Heartbeat employs over 100 and is headquartered at Mumbai.

The CEO is Bharat Bhardwaj, who has helped build India's first Web 2.0 medical portal company and India's largest online medical network.

He has done a tremendous job launching and developing the brand, growing website traffic, attracting sponsor revenue, and creating statistics systems.

Even more, he has advised us and our clients on new business opportunities and formation of a collaborative business structure.

On the competitive front, another venture, Healthcare Magic, though still in beta test, has clocked over half a million interactions since its launch.

Both of these are proof enough that online medical info-care is gaining traction in India.

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