Thursday, April 16, 2009

Even in tough economic times, new GEEK INSURANCE technology support brand launches in Boise

Let's hear it for the brave entrepreneur -- especially Paul Brundage who is launching a new technology support company Boise. The new company is called GEEK INSURANCE and it specializes in unlimited support for home and small businesses technology.

In our StinsonGEM office in Boise, Michelle helped get Paul and Geek Insurance wide P.R. exposure like this on Fox Business.

Geek Insurance covers computers, televisions, mobile devices, game consoles, and home entertainment equipment. It offers unlimited support through phone, online chat, and remote trouble-shooting. Its unique online ticket system allows customers to submit questions or needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The website is and the phone number is G-E-E-K-2-2-0.

In announcing the launch, founder and owner of Geek Insurance, Paul Brundage said, "We are like an insurance policy for your technology. With most people using their computers for work, the last thing they need is for something to happen. We take that fear and stress away by offering unlimited support. We are prepared to not only assist in fixing any technology issues, but also will help in setting up the systems to prevent problems from occurring."

Brundage continues, "People are using technology more than ever right now to work, look for work, and stay connected with family and friends. We want to give peace of mind that if you have trouble with your systems, we'll be right there to help no matter how often you need us. Technology is our passion and we want to help you get the most out of yours."

Not only is Geek Insurance starting a new small business in Boise during challenging economic times, but it's also helping boost the local economy by hiring local support technicians to answer the calls of customers, using a local call center, buying advertising from local media outlets, and engaging local web, marketing, and public relations consultants.

Brundage recognized what an ambitious venture this is, saying, "I had to ask myself if I had the appetite for risk and the fire in the belly you need as an entrepreneur. Of course, we'll have to put good business skills to work, too. But I made sure we've shaped the opportunity and have a strong business model - including a revenue model that assesses our costs and a price that's attractive in this market. Most of all, we have a solid offering that is completely customer-centric."

Stay tuned for some interesting updates on how our StinsonGEM office in Boise is partnering with Paul.

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