Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 passions that drive Danica Patrick and her brand

Danica Patrick has been extremely successful in the male dominated sport of auto racing. Not only did she prove herself has a talented racer, but she built her brand and was able to connect it to range of audiences.

Here are 5 passions Danica says she needs to thrive:

1. A Healthy Start -- staying healthy and fit is a must.

2. A Connected State -- staying in touch with family and old friends is crucial.

3. Serial Viewings -- enjoying a good television show helps her zone out.

4. Time Out -- taking time for herself –with something as simple as a weekly pedicure-keeps her energized.

5. A Vintage Journey -- she keeps up with other hobbies, such as visiting great wine regions of the world.

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brian cohan said...

In my opinion she has also used "her sense of style" in a male dominated sport to support her brand. On a purely professional level, she gets a lot more credit than she deserves which is a tribute to her efforts in this area.