Sunday, September 07, 2008

Share of market is temporary. Share of heart is forever.

As I was preparing for a client’s brand strategy workshop, I read a great line the other day from Rodale Publishing – “True brand preference is truly an affair of the heart. To win share of market, start by winning share of heart.”

The connected to the brand attribute of Quality Experience in our Forward.Fast.® model.

Think of it this way:

• Mind-share is a measure of how people perceive the product, service, or company as compared to the competition.

• Heart-share is the measure of the extent to which we make ourselves more desirable to the customer. Not just by the quality offering, but rather in the quality experience.

• Market-share is the proportion of brand sales you control. And it is outcome of first winning the mind and heart.

You can listen to a podcast on this topic by Mark Deo, executive director of consulting firm the Small Business Advisory Network by clicking on

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