Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Gateway to India -- and the 21st century global economy

We enjoyed our first day in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Mumbai is the capital of Maharastra state and of the four great cities in India, Mumbai is said to be the most cosmopolitan. You can tell by the bustling business center, it is spearheading India's move into competition on the global economic stage. Even our guide observed that the advantage India has over China is their greater knowledge and use of English language.

Our afternoon city tour took us across the city to view the heritage buildings, with their combination of Hindu, Muslim, British, and Gothic influences. It's an architectural view like no other -- and surrounded by the relative plainness of newer structures, it's quite striking.

The Gateway of India is the equivalent of the Statue of Liberty -- built during the period 1924-1927 to commemorate the visit to India of King George V of England. The Victoria Terminus train station is a most beautiful and imposing building; some 3 million transit riders pass through every day.

Surely a highlight for us was a visit to the Ghandi Museum, once a private home where he visited during his stays in Bombay. To be able to walk out on the balcony where Mahatma Ghandi once stood was a moving experience.

On the business side, we visited "pharma row" where most of the internationally known companies are located. And we've scheduled a few visits with health science and technology marketers for later in week. I'll keep you posted.

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Chris Bodmann said...

I imagine that it is difficult to have a business lunch on Pharma Row! You'd always have to be careful who else was around...