Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Innovative Music Pairing is A Creative Gem

Robert Plant really got the Led out when he paired with my favorite bluegrass songbird Alison Krauss. And O Brother is the result a creative gem.

I agree with what Chicago Sun-Times music reviewer Mary Houlihan said, “Plant is the real revelation here. He leaves his hard-rock howling behind for a much more nuanced turn as a quieter rootsy crooner. On tunes like "Please Read the Letter," as well as in gentle duets with Krauss, you can almost feel his delight in discovering this new creative side.... But the connecting force is producer T Bone Burnett, who manages to coax the duo out of their comfort zones and into a new stripped down landscape that is austere and beautiful.”

I like the upbeat swing sounds of “Gone Gone Gone” and “Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson”. For the smoother sound you expect from Alison, try “Through the Morning, Through the Night” and “Your Long Journey.”

See the review I posted on the iTunes Music Store.

And check out a little video (with some sounds from the CD) here!


melanie said...

the top 3 songs on billboard charts are country. this one is #2. who would have thought.

which is worse, rap or country.

Julian said...

Loved the song ¨Let yor loss be your lesson¨ thanks for the suggestion.
I can not find some of the others, is there a site were I can listen to them?