Wednesday, October 03, 2007

If you’re gonna do special edition, make it really special

Providing special edition colors continues to be used as a marketing lever in automobiles. Liquid metal, cocoa metallic, Fahrenheit orange, blazing copper, dark amethyst, kiwi green, and Jay-Z blue are just a few of the new color options from across the industry.

While I have always admired the snazzy, often branded names for colors, I like the co-branded packages even better.

These brand Associations are powerful tools. That’s why selling a King Ranch package or a Harley-Davidson edition on a car taps into an opportunity that is also linked with product Likeability.

How about:
- an iPod edition on your next VW -- something that links the styling and multimedia savvy of the music device?
- a Starbucks package that applies the design sense of the store, and comes with unique coffee cup warming holder?
- a PGA edition with specially designed storage for your clubs and shoes?

Click the comment link below to share your idea for a special edition car that would incorporate another of your favorite brands.

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