Thursday, October 04, 2007

BMW is trading in secrets to save some bucks

Beyond just “MPGs”, car companies are starting to be judged on their total carbon footprints. With all of the pressure to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and still deliver a quality vehicle, margins have gotten slim. Now, even more expense is going to research and development.

With large-scale mergers falling out of favor, BMW has found a more creative approach to reduce R&D costs – actually sharing technical information. These tech alliances with GM, DaimlerChrysler, and Peugeot will help spread the costs for technologies that all can share.

It is an innovative solution to a monetary challenge, but I wonder how this might ultimately affect the “ultimate driving machine” brand.

Or can reducing their negative footprint actually increase their positive impression?

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Patrick said...

Hopefully they'll find some green solutions in the production process + materials that won't sacrifice the performance of car itself. Bruce Mau's exhibit has a lot of these solutions front and center. Now one of these car companies just needs to run with it.