Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Gift to Inspire And Celebrate Your Commitment To Excellence

Because you share the spirit behind our company’s ETHOS, I’d like to share a book dedicated to people like you who seek to know, be, and do more. The book is WHATEVER IT TAKES: A Journey Into the Heart of Human Achievement.

In the introduction, Bob Moawad writes positively:

“Long before the sun has risen or the people who deliver your morning newspaper have completed their rounds, millions of people are already wide-awake. Perhaps like you, they restlessly and relentlessly pursuing their dreams.

“Some are corporate executives, well-known celebrities, athletes, coaches, officials, or leaders. But most are our neighbors, friends, relatives, employees or co-workers: The carpenter checking his tools; the sales manager packing her bags; the small buisness owner running spreadsheets on the kitchen computer; the teacher creating banner for the school assembly; the student athlete doing push-ups by his bed. The light is on in their windows, minds, and hearts.

“These are the first-rate people in action; excellence, plain and simple. By doing whatever it takes to become the best they are capable of becoming, they lift our spirits. They stretch our boundaries. They energize our communities. And they bring new meaning to the terms ‘job well-done’ and ‘life well-led.’”

That is my wish for the people, clients, and friends of STINSON Brand Innovation.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like a great book! I looked up Bob Moawad, the founder of EDGE Learning Institute (based in Tacoma, WA), and he just died in January of this year. Thanks for sharing.