Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chicago…now the Porsche of the advertising world

The very word “Porsche” brings thoughts of nimble, fast, and hip power. The sexy sports car is unpretentious compared to Lamborghini or Ferrari, but still completely confident in its own abilities.

Apropos when you think about Chicago, which in recent years has been dogged with an industry perception of creating second-rate advertising. But now, we’ve brought home the lucrative Porsche advertising account. Beating out 19 other agencies, the independently owned mid-sized firm Cramer-Krasselt won the $40 million account.

Like the positioning of the legendary sportscar, Chicago knows it is not New York City or Los Angeles. But the Second City has never been second-rate, and we know that with pride.

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Patrick said...

There's a ton of talent in Chicago. Now it's about the teams in Chicago going out and getting it like C-K did.