Monday, March 05, 2012

1,700 in-depth face-to-face interviews with Chief Marketing Officers

As a brand strategist, I get tremendous insight (and creative energy) from talking with groups of innovators.   

But of course, it’s not always possible to meet them person-to-person.  That’s why I also look for others who interview inspiring thinkers.

IBM conducted more than 1,700 in-depth face-to-face interviews with Chief Marketing Officers from companies of various sizes, across a wide range of industries and regions.

The first of its kind and size, the 2011 IBM Global CMO Study explores emerging trends impacting CMOs, revealing how they are responding to the evolving scope and needs of marketing.

  • Which forces of change are having the most impact on the CMOs role and expectations?
  • How are these shifts affecting the mix of capabilities, skills and technologies that marketing needs?
  • What measurements, data and emerging technologies are CMOs using to determine progress?
The initial results of this survey suggest CMOs are following two distinct paths:

  1. Innovators: These CMOs are in the minority. They champion a fully integrated approach to marketing that leverages cross-functional relationships and insights to engage customers, create perceived value, and generate a positive response to the brand and its proposition.
  2. Adopters: These CMOs, seemingly the majority, are not yet on the leading edge in accommodating or leveraging new dynamics in marketing strategy. While well aware of these dynamics, such as the increasingly common use of collaborative communications, they are struggling somewhat with a clear plan of execution that will deliver optimal benefits to their organization and customers
Are CMOs, besieged by the speed of change, retreating to what they know best, or reinventing themselves? And how are they positioning themselves to execute value-creating marketing strategies that pull all the levers to be effective?

Take a look at the e-publication of this inaugural IBM Global Chief Marketing Officer Study at

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