Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chicago skyline: up close and personal on the architectural boat tour

I’m looking forward to spring and one of my favorite inspirational rituals: the Chicago architectural boat tour.   

Even after 25 years of living in downtown Chicago – and especially now that I’ve been away for a while – I can’t wait to again gaze at the skyline in awe.

Chicago’s architectural boat tours offer a look into the birthplace of modern American architecture and the city’s architectural heritage. The tour takes you up close and personal with the skyscrapers, which give you a new perspective for all of the artistic talent, engineering, and technological marvels involved in creating such massive structures.  If you're in town, look up

To appreciate the inspiration of the architecture, think beyond the concrete jungle.

As one of my former colleagues, Greg, wrote a while back, “Such as in advertising, I try to imagine that all space is ad space. In multimedia, I venture to think beyond traditional media. In design, I aim to push beyond the boundaries of my imagination. As I kink my neck to stare up at the skyscrapers, I imagine these spaces as more than just office buildings. I think about the artist behind every skyscraper trying to carve out a city and sculpt a structure that extends thousands of feet into the sky.”

He shared these photos from one of his tours.

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