Thursday, March 29, 2012

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

It used to be so darned easy: Do a few tradeshows, maybe publish a white paper or two and have the salespeople follow up.

But the always on, YouTube-infested, Twitter-centric world makes the B2B sale much more complex today.

Ardath Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learn about buyers, tell a story, and greatly influence the B2B lead-to-sale process, driving significant new business as a result. In her outstanding book, Ardath Albee outlines a step-by-step process to help any business successfully engage their online customers and prospects.

Her book eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is packed full with examples of how others have successfully attracted high value prospects using creative online marketing tactics.
  • How to differentiate yourself with “attraction marketing”
  • How to create contagious content
  • How to drive qualified leads to sales

If you manage a complex sales process, stop making excuses! eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is your guide book to attracting valuable prospects and speeding the sales cycle.

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Part I eMarketing Essentials

Chapter 1 Why eMarketing Is a Big Opportunity for Complex Sales
The Shift to Self-Education
Six Things to Change About Your Content and Communications
Offline versus Online
What You Need to Know

Chapter 2 The Mutual Rewards of eMarketing Strategies
Rewards for Your Company and You
Rewards for Them (Your Customers and Prospects)
Shaping the Story

Part II Customer Consensus

Chapter 3 Using Personas to Understand Your Customers
Customer Profiles—The Wide-Angle Lens
Why a Persona Is Different from a Profile Creating Persona


Chapter 4 Leverage Your Buyer Synopsis
Create a Buyer Synopsis
Use Social Media for Persona Development
Personalization—One Step at a Time


Chapter 5 The Buying Process
The Role of Content in the Buying Process
Apply Content to Personas

Part III Natural Nurturing

Chapter 6 Put the Natural in Nurturing
Create a Conversational Context
The Role of Rich Media
Leverage Inbound Interactions


Chapter 7 Capitalize on Cause
From Status Quo to Priority Shift
Become the Anchor
Keep Your Assumptions on Track
Create Content that Pulls Buyers Forward

Chapter 8 Construct a Framework for Content Strategy Execution
Assemble a Natural-Nurturing Track
Syndication Expands Nurturing Reach
Frequency, Reach, and Shift
HubSpot Attracts Customers at Unprecedented Rates: A Case Study


PART IV Contagious Content


Chapter 9 Why Contagious Content Increases Engagement
Relevance is King
Simplicity Trumps Volume
Contagious Content Requires Planning


Chapter 10 Content Structure for Competitive Differentiation
Education—What Buyers Need to Know
Expertise—Why Your Company Is the High-Value Choice
Evidence—Let Your Customers Do The Talking
Sales Conversation Briefs
DealerOn—Contagious Content in Execution: A Case Study


Chapter 11 Create Content to Increase Attraction Value
Urgency—Why Your Message is Important Now!
Impact—What’s in It for Them?
Effort—The Perceived Energy Required to Pay Attention
Reputation—What’s Known about Your Company
Intent—What Your Audience Thinks You Want
Examples of How Catch Factors Can Influence Behavior
An Example of Catch Factors in c-Mail Messages


Chapter 12 Design Your Marketing Story
The Significance of Stories
Stories Instigate Momentum
Design Content to Create Mindshare
Authorial Styles—Which to Use When
Quick Guide to Writing a Marketing Story Article

Chapter 13 Expand Story Impact with Amplifiers
The Nature of Amplifiers
Focus Squarely on the Customer

PART V Persistent Progression

Chapter 14 How to Facilitate Prospect Progression
Intellitactics Increases Qualified Demand: A Case Study
Tell Me More . . .
The Gift of Going Wide
Conversations Accelerate Nurturing Progression
Buyer Evolution

Chapter 15 Scoring for Prospect Progression
Points for Content-Driven Interactions
Marketo Walks Its Talk: A Case Study
E-Mail Newsletters

PART VI Meaningful Metrics

Chapter 18 Quantifying Marketing Results
Engagement Metrics
Origination Sources for Opt-In Programs
Marketing’s Impact on Sales

Chapter 19 Opportunity Quality and Sales Results
Opportunity Quality
Sales Results

Chapter 20 Feedback and Dialogue
In Tune and In Touch
Story Ideas from Third Parties
Applied Listening
Improved Personalization

Chapter 21 Social Contributions
Virtual Engagement
Participation Speaks Volumes
The Value of Social Media

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