Thursday, March 01, 2012

Inspiration from a past campaign success: "Open Up Fresh Possibilities"

As we get closer to spring, I'm reminded of a fresh approach we took to a marketing challenge a few years ago.

Solstice Neurosciences had acquired MYOBLOC, but the brand had not been promoted for nearly 2 years.  We needed to reconnect with customers to re-establish the channel for direct sale of this injectable biologic.

The target audience was physicians (neurologists and physiatrists) who had purchased MYOBLOC in the previous 2 year.

The campaign objectives were:
  1. Introduce Solstice as the new marketer of MYOBLOC
  2. Remind physicians of their past use of MYOBLOC
  3. Reinforce positive experience with MYOBLOC
  4. Help identify next patient opportunity to use MYOBLOC
Our creative strategy was:
  • CONNECT with unique interactive pieces, personalized messages, and “fresh” theme
  • HONEST, straight-forward reminder of product profile
  • EASY short copy and bold graphics
  • MOTIVATING to call “888” number to order
The results of the "Open Up Fresh Possibilities" campaign were impressive. Brand recall increased 29% and sales enjoyed double-digit growth quarter-over-quarter.  Even without a direct response mechanism, some 5% have requested additional materials related to the mailings. Brand preference increased from 6% to 43% among the targeted physicians in one year.

These and other elements of the "Fresh" campaign have won several industry awards -- including a feature in Rx Awards Best of Healthcare advertising book. 

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