Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 tips for a productive "power lunch"

Business lunch at Heichinrou, Hong Kong
I may not be a “power lunch” guy, but I have benefitted from many a productive business coffee or lunch meeting. 

So, I appreciated the tips offered by Julian Niccolini, co-owner of the Four Seasons restaurant in New York, in a recent INC magazine article.

Niccolini has been in the restaurant business since 1977, therefore he’s certainly got great insight on how to get a prime table – and a prime business experience.

Don't reserve online.   Make and confirm your reservation with a human being. This allows you to confirm your seating preferences—you want a table where other people aren’t going to hear your conversation—and make sure the restaurant has the name of your guest, too.

Don't leave the check to chance. Whoever makes the reservation usually pays the check. When you're going to a very important meeting with a person you've never met, make sure the restaurant has your credit card number ahead of time.

Don't be late.  If you're the host, show up early to make sure you have the table you want. If not, ask to change it. Managers, hosts, and servers are there to make your visit enjoyable.

Don't be a stranger.  Make one restaurant your place. If you fly United Airlines all the time, they upgrade you. If you're a regular at a restaurant, you can expect better treatment. They will remember what you like and dislike.

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