Thursday, December 15, 2011

N-of-8 case study: telling a brand story consistently

My involvement in the Berinert brand began in 2005 when CSL Behring engaged my team to help on a rare disease called Hereditary Angioedema (HAE). 

This led to the development of the award-winning disease awareness print and web-based educational branding.

In the last half of 2008, we moved into the next phase of Berinert brand development – global hallmarks. 

To ensure a worldwide perspective throughout the process, my team collaborated with its global network partners beginning with the RFP process, right through to launch. We tapped into diverse agency talent to generate initial thinking, drive discussion, and gain insights. 

Along the way, Stinson worked closely with the client and more than a dozen country marketing managers to refine the brief and advance the global strategy.  

All while applying our proprietary tool, Action Shoes®, to structure our creative development.

But before our visual identity group began its exploration – through extensive color and typography audits, creating a design framework – we used the N-of-8 process to create a strong foundational story. 

Our main objectives for story development were to ensure that all developed materials are on-target and persuasive to physicians and patients, to create compelling messages that connected directly with the customers, to conveys CSL Behring total brand value proposition, and to evaluate creative concepts and promotional pieces to identify areas for needed refinement in telling the story in multiple media.

That was the starting point. 

At the completion of the process, we could then engage the wide variety of design audits and design studies to uncover trends and identify opportunities for visual branding.  The logo, logotype, and colors were developed for the Berinert branding to better tell the story of speed.  In addition the N-of-8 process channeled our verbal brand team in writing a clinical monograph, a product highlights brochure, and the brand standards guidelines book. Finally, we executed market-specific brand launch campaigns including sales materials, patient literature, support programs, and journal advertising.

Together, these elements worked together to tell the Berinert story consistently in verbal, visual, and scientific terms. 

Ultimately, a global brand was forged.

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