Sunday, December 18, 2011

Starbucks in Bexley: a warm, safe place for coffee in a renovated bank

I always loved my Roscoe Village Starbucks that was in a renovated drug store -- complete with the old soda fountain counter and bar stools.

Well, now in Columbus, I've found my favorite Starbucks. It's built inside a former bank in Bexley, OH.  
It has an unexpected amount of character.  The exterior is all white with massive pillars. There is a spacious patio with plenty of seating for warm weather. Inside you find a roomy dining area, a fireplace, a splendid chandelier and a gigantic steel vault. 

Oh yeah, that's right, a vault. This location used to be an old bank, and embracing that history they turned the interior of the vault into a cozy seating area.

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