Friday, December 02, 2011

$6.5 billion in global R&D contracts: Battelle an example of creative energy in Columbus

As we get into December, I start looking back over the year to appreciate some personal and professional highlights.

I've enjoyed getting to know Columbus better, including the chance to experience the creative energy of new people and world-class organizations.

One such group is Battelle.

Battelle is an 82-year-old organization that has grown into the world’s largest independent R&D conglomerate, offering services through four global business units: laboratory management; national security; energy, environment and materials sciences; and health and life sciences -- one of its key targets for growth.

At this point, Battelle’s global R&D contracts are worth about $6.5 billion annually.

Carmin Gade, PhD, Battelle’s chief marketing-communication officer, was interviewed earlier this year about the future of global R&D.  Here's what Dr. Gade told Mike Kallmeyer, host of ONN-TV’s Ohio Means Business program:

"In health and life sciences, 
we’re focusing on public health; drugs, devices and diagnostics; 
(and) agriculture and food science — and analyzing: 
'What are the needs of communities worldwide? 
Where can we help advance the science to meet those needs?'  
We have clients in the international markets that are looking for 
someone to partner with and offer solutions that can meet 
their needs and deliver the impact to 
humankind that they’re looking for."

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