Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NACA campaign to promote child abuse intervention in Native American communities

One of my most rewarding and meaningful projects of 2011 has surely been the public service campaign for Native American Children’s Alliance. 
NACA is an inter-tribal membership organization whose mission is to promote excellence in child abuse prevention and intervention in Native American and Alaska Native communities through training, mentoring and information.
We helped to develop and execute a pilot initiative among key American Indian healthcare clinics.  The goals were to:
  • Better understand the current circumstances around child abuse
  • Develop culturally appropriate key messaging
  • Develop appropriate and usable training and awareness kits for distribution
  • Create key findings that can apply to a broader tactical awareness media campaign
My creative design partner, Katie Pendlay, developed three wonderful and touching concepts.  Each leverages the NACA brand symbol of the drum.
Working through the executive director of NACA, Linda Logan, we evaluated these platforms at the Indian Health Service clinic in Chicago.  They helped us determine which tools were most needed.
The result was a disk of customizable promotional assets:  a poster, a tear-pad easel, and a brochure.
The campaign has been launched with tribes in rural New Mexico and in urban Detroit.  Linda also recently presented the campaign to an Indian Nation conference in Montana.

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