Monday, December 26, 2011

HEALTH MEGA-TREND #7: Appearance consciousness

We certainly live in a visual culture.  So, it’s no wonder that “appearance consciousness” continues to characterize an our image conscious society.

I’m continuing my series of updates from Datamonitor’s report on New Developments in Global Consumer Trends.

Here are the key learnings, implications, and actions suggested by Mega-Trend #7.

  • The high prevalence of appearance and body shape anxiety is at the core of "appearance based wellbeing" (or lack of it)
  • A more holistic pursuit of beauty through more diverse appearance management tactics is occurring
  • More consumers are adopting structured and sustained beauty regimes
  • There is a polarization of beauty ideals/attitudes that reflects the conflict between natural beauty and more ‘manufactured appearances’

  • Appearance concerns impact consumers’ emotional and physical wellbeing.  So, looking good has arguably never been more important
  • Health, wellbeing and beauty are becoming inextricably linked in consumers’ minds

  • Consumers globally attach considerable importance on their oral, skin and hair health which drives spend and the adopting of beauty regimes
  • Manufacturers are retailers must adopt diverse product portfolios on order to meet the polarized beauty ideals among global consumers

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