Friday, November 11, 2011

3 new meanings for DTC -- from Bruce Rooke

"DTC is due for some big Invention," writes Bruce Rooke, Chief Creative Officer of GSW Worldwide.

On our agency's Brand Liberators blog, Bruce says, "It'd be a shame if we just stood there and kept putting out the same Beauty and the Beast formula of disease-stricken patient magically transformed into a walking grin, interrupted by 32 seconds of fake doctor-patient interaction while fair balance is read. We have the chance– and responsibility– to respond to the changing landscape with a whole new vocabulary of action."

Direct to Consumer says what it is and where it plays. But effective brands today are built on what they do than what they are. So imagine if DTC stood for:
D = Do.
T = Teach.
C = Connect.
Read more about what Bruce thinks DTC could mean on the Brand Liberators blog:

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