Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living in an X-problem world

As more companies looked to “innovation” to be the key to their growth and success, those same companies were caught off guard by the multifaceted problems that came with innovation, ultimately squashing innovation efforts. 

Adam Richardson, creative director at frog design, inc, has labeled those problems X-problems.
In his book, “Innovation X”, Richardson takes you through several detailed case studies and points out where disruptive competition, demanding customers, the need to deliver integrated systems of offerings, or ambiguous goals have stalled companies innovations.
After defining the X-problems, Richardson shows you how to use a framework to diagnose real problems and uncover more insights. The advanced thinking in this simply presented methodology doesn’t swallow you up, but offers up one “Aha!’ moment after another.
Innovation X breaks down and redefines overused words, uses real life cases you’ll recognize, and suggests how an innovation strategy can be implemented, how you can get real results, and make real impact in your organization and in your customer’s world.
With a hefty notes, bibliography, and index section, Richardson demonstrates the need to understand the context and connectedness of all the cases presented.
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As my daughter and former business partner, Melanie, said about Innovation X, “You’ll feel smarter after you read this book.”

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