Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Graham Paterson for Nampa Meridian Irrigation District Director from Boise Precinct

I'm writing to support my good friend, Graham Paterson, who is running for the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District as Director from the Boise Precinct.

Access to water built this valley. It is the life blood that greens our lawns, grows our gardens, and irrigates our produce. We need to extend access to irrigation water in the District to those that do not have it. And, for those who do have access, we need to work to make delivery better.

Graham cannot do this alone, so he needs your help to accomplish this goal. The vote is this Tuesday, November 8.
To read more, click and download his flyer below.

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Anonymous said...

excerpt from the 10/22 Boise Weekly:

Elect your irrigators

The Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District is a huge political subdivision spanning 69,000 acres in Canyon and Ada counties. But you have to make a special effort to vote for a new director on November 4 because this one is not on your regular ballot. It is so far down-ballot that you will have to make a special trip to vote.

In Boise, the district starts at Barber Park and heads in a narrow strip west all the way to Lake Lowell, southwest of Nampa. Property owners within the district can vote, and should have received notice of the election.

Candidates to replace Henry Weick, who is stepping down, include Billy R. Henson, Lee Sisco and Graham Paterson.

Paterson, a GOP political operative and past legislative candidate, contacted BW this week to discuss his plan to divert more canal water into suburban lawn irrigation in an effort to conserve expensive drinking water provided by United Water.

Sisco recently retired from his post as the Boise River Watermaster after 20 years of service. And Henson retired Oct. 1 as assistant water superintendent after 35 years with the Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District.

Voting is at one of three polling places: Horizon Elementary School, 730 N. Mitchell in Boise, Meridian Middle School, 1507 W. Eighth Street in Meridian and Nampa City Hall, 411 Third St. S.